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Shipping and Policies


-We only ship Monday- Wednesday.

-If you make a purchase on Wednesday we will ship the following Monday unless we come to an agreement on a shipping date.

-If a koi is too big or it's large order shipping will be quoted separately. I will try my best to get you the best deal either ups next day or south cargo (airport to airport).


-We don't accept returns for biosecurity reasons.

-If a koi dies in transport please contact us as soon as your shipment has arrived. We will be happy to accommodate for your loss.

-Please make sure to have a quarantine tank ready for your new koi. Shipping is exhausting for them so please try to provide the best environment for them. It is ideal to have a 3% salinity (3lbs per 100 gallons).

-Make sure your pond is established if not please give it time. Your patience will pay off big time in the long run.

Any questionsplease contact us right away.

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